My out the door in five routine!

Here's my everyday makeup routine, for those who are curious! I will try to keep this page updated as well as I test out new and different products :)

'Flawless in Five' set: This set includes a lot of the items I use in my routine at a discounted price! The tint skin liquid foundation, concealer, blush, brow gel, mascara (I don't use the mascara because I have lash extensions, but it comes with it!) and lip gloss–you get to choose the shades and colors! 

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My quick 5 minute makeup routine: 

Scroll below for a run-down of each individual product I use!  

Moisturizer: The Countermatch lotion is the moisturizer I use each morning and one of Beautycouter's most popular products for good reason–I totally rolled my eyes when I read that it "adapts to suit the hydration level your skin needs"–(sounds like a lot of hype, right?) but it's TRUE. My skin has never been so soft and moisturized–even when it's insanely dry! It's perfect especially for winter!

I follow with the Rejuvenating eye cream, which is anti-aging but it also has caffiene for an instant pick me up for tired eyes! 

Primer: I follow sunscreen with this light difusing primer by Lune + Aster (it's Bluemercury's clean brand!) I will say I was iffy about it at first but it's grown on me. If you're one who is a fan of the classic clear Smashbox type primer, this is much different! I like how it gives you a hydrated, super suble glow!

Sunscreen: I have three different sunscreens I really like that I kind of cycle between. You can read all about them here and which is best for you. You always want to do sunscree as the last step before makeup!

All these products are good for: All skin types, but particularly normal, dry or combination. 

Tint Skin Foundation: This is one of my most popular reader favorites, but I didn't think it had enough coverage for me until I used it with a foundation brush (my brush is old from Sephora but this one is similar! Beautycounter also makes one but I haven't used it personally!) instead of my fingers or a beauty blender! It's definitely buildable and can be light or medium coverage. It's great for all skin types! I wear shade "Linen." I would say this is light to medium coverage. 

If you prefer a tinted moisturizer to foundation, their Dew Skin SPF tinted moisturizer is also awesome–it gives you the best dewy glow (although, very light coverage). Note: I would recommend the Dew Skin tinted moisturizer for everyone except for those with super oily skin, as I think it will make you too shiny!

**Find your Beautycounter shade with this chart here! 

Alima Pure Mineral Powder Foundation: I follow up in the areas I need more coverage with Alima Pure's mineral foundation and I LOVE it. It looks really natural and is the only clean foundation I've found that is full coverage. I wear shade "Neutral 3"–I love that they have so many colors to choose from!

I follow with this concealer on my under eyes and to cover any additional redness. I also put it on the bridge of my nose for a bit of highlighting. It like that it's very lightweight and doesn't crease like a lot of concealers do. This is NOT enough coverage for spot coverage though–I only use this for under-eyes and highlighting!

Brows + Lashes 

Brow gel: I use this AMAZING brow gel. I like it even more than Glossier's Boy Brow! (It actually stays put all day!) I think it's more buildable so you can get more of a sculpted look like you can with a pencil, or you can apply it really lightly. It looks SO natural. I use "Medium brown." If you're a pencil girl, you can choose the pencil option as well with the Flawless in Five kit. 

Lashes: I have lash extensions, so I don't use mascara at the moment, but the set I referenced above does come with a mascara. I'd recommend the Volumizing mascara as it's their most popular! (I've heard mixed things about the lengthening mascara.)

If I have a few more minutes: Velvet Eyeshadow Palette 

 If I have little extra time or I'm going out at night, I'll use the Velvet eyeshadow palette. I use every single one of these colors and it's SO pretty. I use a liner brush (mine is part of this $2.99 brush set from EcoTools!) to line my upper an lower lids with "Sable" and then follow up with a combination of whatever colors I'm feeling! This is pretty much the only eyeshadow I ever use these days–for those who like a neutral look, I don't think you can beat it, really!

I'll just dust my lids with "suede" for daytime, or I'll layer on more colors for a dramatic look! 

Bronzer: I use either this Beautycounter bronzer (not included in the Flawless in Five set but a great add on!) I use the shade "Dune" and I apply it with an angled brush. I woud compare the formula of this bronzer to HOOLA! 

OR most recently I've added Alima Pure's bronzer in Mauna Loa in the rotation. I would say if you want more bronze pigment, go with this one! The Beautycounter one is much more subtle! (Haha usually when I wear this people say, "omg you look so nice and tan!" 😂I'm like nope, just my bronzer, haha!) 

Blush: I love their blush in "Nectar"–it's a perfect peachy shade and gives you a really pretty subtle glow! I would equate these blush colors and formulas to NARS! If you want something more pink, I love "Melon" which is very pigmented!

Lip gloss 

If I want a clear gloss, I LOVEEE Kopari Lip Glossy for everyday. It feels like a super moisturizing gloss/balm combo. It smells like the beach, too! I use it interchangably as both a gloss and balm. (I keep it at my bedside too!) 

The Flawless in Five set I referenced above also lets you choose your own lip gloss shade–my favorite is "Ruby" which is a punchy red that is still subdued enough for everyday. (I just noticed it's actually only available in the set, not for individual purchase! But Poppy red is similar!) I like that their pigmented shades aren't sticky–although I do think the lighter shades are a bit stickier than the more colorful ones, just FYI for you because I know everyone has very specific lip gloss preferences! ;-)  

 If you're looking for a lipstick, I cant recommend both their lipstick formulas enough. I love their lip sheers for daytime, as well as their color intense lipstick–9-5 is my go to shade! My latest favoite lipstick/color combo is "Iris" from Alima Pure. I'd say their formula is not as hydrating as Beautycounter's but because it's more matte I think it lasts a bit longer!